Selection of the projects we carried out over the past few years.

Prague 7, Holešovice

Prague 7, Holešovice

KOPF Advisory has successfully accomplished acquisition of the real estate asset located at Tusarova 41, Prague 7, along with its strategic partner. KOPF Advisory is currently preparing a project for complete reconstruction of the building which will be operated as a rental property in the future.

Prague 7, Holešovice

Prague 7, Holešovice

KOPF Advisory has approached a foreign owner of the residential building located at Tusarova 52, Prague 7 and has successfully accomplished acquisition of this real estate asset along with a strategic partner. KOPF Advisory is currently preparing a project for complete reconstruction of the building which will be operated as a rental property in the future.

Prague 10, Vršovice

Prague 10, Vrsovice

KOPF Advisory has targeted an investment opportunity based on the buy side mandate of a private investor: a residential building located between Vinohrady and Vrsovice neighborhoods at Kosicka 2, Prague 10. KOPF Advisory is currently selling individual units as an exclusive broker of the project.

Prague 8, Karlín

Prague 8, Karlín

Kopf Advisory company was entrusted to find a buyer for the apartment building located in Prague 8, Karlin by its foreign co-owners. As an exclusive real estate consultant Kopf Advisory has successfully found a buyer and assisted the co-owners during the whole period of sales process.


As an exclusive representative of the owner Kopf Advisory has found a buyer for the underground bomb shelter Parukářka and provided comprehensive consulting throughout the whole transaction. Based on the agreement with the new owner, KOPF Advisory will provide consulting services on the future development project.

Czechoslovak Capital Partners a.s.

Czechoslovak Capital Partners (CSCP) has approached KOPF Advisory to find a suitable office building for the purpose of consolidation of CSCP portfolio companies into one premises. The main condition of the request was a walking distance from the Florentinum complex in Prague 1. KOPF Advisory has successfully targeted a suitable asset right next to the Florentinum complex – at Na Florenci 23, Prague 1. Subsequently, KOPF Advisory has achieved an acquisition of the assets and, as the main real estate advisor of CSCP, advised CSCP throughout the whole acquisition and post-acquisition process.


Mr. Václav Kopf took part in a family houses construction project in the neighbourhood of Slivenec, Prague 5 (U křížku street) first as a project manager of the owner and real estate developer in 2006-2007. A new street was formed, including the construction of 12 detached family villas and 23 terraced houses. Subsequently KOPF Advisory was assigned as a co-exclusive agent of the selling real estate developer and completed the sale of a majority of family houses and villas during 2007-2009.


Czech chamber of commerce

In 2013 - 2014 KOPF Advisory, acting as contractual intermediary of the Czech Chamber of Commerce (CCOC), was in charge of preparation, mediation and completion of a sale of the property that belonged to the subsidiary of the CCOC. KOPF Advisory successfully secured a foreign investor and completed the sale of the subsidiary’s property.


As an adviser of a real estate portfolio owner, Mr Václav Kopf has prepared and, in cooperation with Bismark auctioneers, has successfully completed a voluntary auction sale of a historical building Valdštejnská Hospoda located at Valdštejnská street in the context of liquidation of a common property.

křižíkova 44, prague 8

KOPF Advisory, acting as an adviser and consultant, arranged for the refinancing of a loan taken out by a company owning the property. The project was carried out in a cooperation with PPF Banka, a.s.



Mediation and completion of the purchase of a real estate portfolio comprising properties located in Prague 1 and Prague 2 for a foreign client, including company incorporation, legal, tax and business administration services, as well as all-embracing due diligence process.


SAVARIN palace

Mr. Václav Kopf, acting as a contractual agent of McDonald´s Czech Republic, mediated and arranged for a sub-lease of McDonald´s Czech Republic‘s commercial premises inside the Savarin Palace property to a foreign tenant. Museum of Communism was a purpose of the lease.


vinohradská 37

KOPF Advisory, acting as exclusive adviser and consultant of a foreign investor, has arranged for the acquisition of 100% of the shares of a company owning the property, with a further restructuring of the existing loans, an increase of the company’s assets and subsequently a refinancing of the loan. All operation were done in cooperation with the following banks: UniCredit Bank CZ, a.s., LBBW Bank, a.s. and GE Money Bank, a.s.



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